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Saggar Fired pot by Tim Huckstepp

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Naked Raku Pots by Helen Rondell







Book via Email, and I will email you back, so we 

both have written confirmation.

Please read the notes below, and make sure you are happy with the maximum number of pots per student (6) and sizes. Please read my cancellation policy. 


I am continuing to take a cautious approach with numbers of students. It must be as safe as possible for everyone.

Limited number of Students at a time. £70 Per Head. Pay on the day.  Maximum 6 pots each. Max 12 " Tall (30cm.)  6"wide (15cm.) Nothing flat & wide please, as it gobbles all the space up in the kiln and is likely to break anyway. If you want ready made pots from me then please say with your booking. £8 each pot. I need at least 3 weeks notice to provide this service. There will be work places, several glazes, washbowl, sanitiser, paper towels, seat etc. Social distancing of course. Everyone to wear a mask on arrival, bring your own drinks, and pic-nic lunch, no communal tea or coffee facilities. The loo will have hand wash, sanitizer and anti bacterial wipes, and paper towels. I will have a reduced number of glazes avaiable. I can offer a Biscuit firing service pro rata cost. I can also have ready made pots available, let me know if you need any, @ £8 each.  Days run from 10 til 4 ish.



If you want to go on my mailing list then please email. 

I do have days with other groups, if they are unable to make the numbers, then I can sometimes add students to that group. So please express an interest if you would like to join in. I can then come back to you if there are places.


Cancellation Policy:

Please only book if you are certain you can come

Please book via email. Your booking will be confirmed back to you so we both have a written confirmation.  As always, bookings on a first come first served basis. If you cancel and I am unable to re-sell your place then you still have to pay. If you cancel less than 3 weeks before your booked day, then you are

Days can be arranged for groups of friends, colleagues, adult education centres, companies, etc.  Please contact us for separate dates . 

Email us if you would like to be on our list to receive dates of future days.

Several other Groups have their own days. Contact us for dates.




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