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RAKU  KILNS for SALE  £650

Made from Upcycled Oil Drums, Double Fibre Lined. Complete with Stedmark S3 Burner, Fibreboard Shelf, & Brick Supports,  plus  FREE GAUNTLETS......


“Hi Tim, I cannot tell you what fun we had yesterday.  It was the most successful raku firing ever and I have done about 5 with local potters. The kiln heated really evenly and very quickly.  I had a 6kg bottle of propane,we did five firings and there is still about a third left.We used a raku glaze called Iris and it created the nicest smooth lustre ever, and gave us huge confidence.  So next to work on the crackle glazes.

Still buzzing today.  Your instructions and pictures were spot on.  Thank you again.”                  Karen G,   Chichester.



 "Thank you for the marvelous kiln. I can’t wait to get going with it! Thanks also for the care you took with packaging and labeling. It’s made set up very easy. The guidance notes are very comprehensive and confidence-inspiring."

Chloe W. Wiltshire



 Just wanted to say I am so impressed with the build and design of the kiln, and really happy with it. Thanks so much for a lovely kiln.    Michelle Y. Southampton

If you want to buy one of my kilns and are not able to collect,  I can send it to you.

It will come in quite a large box via  recognised carrier, but for only £45 it could be less than the fuel to come here !



Made from an Upcycled Oil Drum, this Raku Kiln is double lined with 2" (50mm) of the safe `S` type ceramic fibre. (2 X 25mm) It is ready to use and includes the superb Stedmark S3 propane gas burner. This top of the range burner has a flame failure device, gas on tap and control valve. It comes with 3m (10ft) of safe braided hose, gas regulator & pressure guage.

A Fibreboard 14.5" x 1" Kiln Shelf, far more durable than conventional shelves, plus supporting fire bricks. Damper pad and flame deflector. The lid fibre is secured with ceramic buttons, & special wire. There is a side hole for a 10mm thermocouple,  (pyro/thermo not included). 

Guidance notes are provided, plus my own Raku Glaze Recipe which is tried and tested. The lid and main chamber have carry handles to make moving the kiln very easy. It is not heavy, weighing a total of 21kg, you can use this kiln on your own, the lid weighs 4.5kg. so very easy to lift off at the right moment. I have been a professional potter for 46 years, & have fired Raku now for over 34 years. I run very popular Raku Days at my home studio. This design of kiln is well proven, and provides an affordable, portable option to that of other Raku kiln providers, better than dustbin types with a much safe burner option. You can also Biscuit fire with this kiln, guidance provided. I offer full support if you have a problem or are unsure what to do, simply phone or email for assistance, I am happy to help. Details given on purchase. 
Size external: 60cm High x 60cm Wide. Approx.Total weight 21kg. Internal : From hearth to top 52cm high x 46cm wide, this = 94ltrs. or 3.3 cu.ft.  30% bigger than a dustbin type kiln. From shelf to top 40cm high x 46cm wide Thats inside 16"H x 18"W, giving a pot placing area of approx 2.5 cu.ft. thats 71 Litres. Available for collection, or Dispatch UK Mainland with a recognised carrier for £45, which could be less than the fuel & time to collect.
I prefer bank tansfer payments (details provided).
You can also pay by Card or PayPal if more convenient.
I do not expect payment until the kiln is collected, or ready to send. The kiln in the picture will not be the one you buy, but I make them all to the same specification and are all very much the same. Please note these are made from upcycled oil drums, and so do have ocassional dinks and dents, this does not affect functionality. The kiln shelf is made from Fibreboard. I have run extensive trials with this board & found it to be far less vunerable to cracking than conventional shelves. This is a new innovation, meaning the shelf life is greatly increased and less likely to break. In trials I fired the test shelf over 79 times ! Also sold separately @ £35. Happy Rakuing !
Kiln, Burner & Accessories £650.00  
Long Tongs £58  Hand forged by my local blacksmith, will last a lifetime. See `Tongs` page for more details.     
Carriage & Packing for a Kiln & Tongs  £45
If you have any questions or are unsure of anything then please call me.
07449 110044
Please contact me Tim Huckstepp.
Made to order for delivery/collection AUGUST 2024. 
Email your order: Provide full name and address, plus mobile telephone number and if you would like a pair of Tongs.  
To:   This makes sure I have everything spelt correctly. I will confirm back to you.
I will then Invoice you prior to dispatch, and payment can be your choice of either Bank Transfer or Card. My carrier will give you a delivery day and a one hour time slot.
Please note I do not accept returns on kilns.
Kilns are only shipped once full payment has been received.
Blue colour may vary. 

Handforged Long Tongs also available @ £58 a pair. In stock. Tong orders IMMEDIATE dispatch. Email your details

See the Raku Tongs page for details. Carriage for Tongs £8.00     a pair. Contact me for purchasing: Please email your order to with your name, address & mobile number.
I will then send you an invoice.                                     
Tim Huckstepp: 07449 110044 
email :                                                       
Bank Transfer , PayPal, Cards, or Cash on collection. 
I send my kilns with a recognised carrier for £45.This is for UK Mainland Delivery only. If you want to have a kiln shipped abroad you will have to arrange your own shipping. 




Kiln Lid, underside fibre held in place with ceramic buttons.   Lid weight 4.5 kg.

Carry handles on either side.

Carry Handle & 10mm Hole for your thermocouple.

My own Fibre Board Shelf was fired 79 times before finally giving up !!

I turned it over every so often to reduce warpage. Both sides  were batwashed.

Hand Forged Raku Tongs. 10mm Steel x 1M Long, Jaws open to a maximum 21cm. Beautifully made by a local blacksmith, these tongs have the `feel` that you need when pulling hot pots from your kiln. The Jaw ends have flat `v` shaped teeth to minimise any tong marks on the glaze. The 1M length means that your safety is not compromised. There are cheaper tongs about, but they tend to have a 4mm pop riveted  pivot point, which through experience fails after a while. My tongs have an 8mm forged steel pivot, much much stronger,  are not made in China and will last a lifetime.

£58 a pair, in stock to collect, or I can send them for £7.50

Please contact me to purchase.

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